Projects I’ve created or co-created to provide tools and support for people leading the change we want to see in the world

Líderes do Futuro Project

What happens when girls drive the conversations about their lives, communities and topics that they care about?

Líderes do Futuro is a girl-centered and mobile-friendly learning environment with storytelling tools for girls from age 10 and allies to create social change. Learn more

Facilitating Restorative Justice: Free Remote Guide & Resources

How can we support community organizers and educators to use restorative justice practices to create collaborative solutions? This project provides easily accessible lessons plans and resources.

Storymakers: 3-Module Course for Girls & Leadership For Social Change

How can we support girls to lead their own story? Based on the Leadership for Social Change Model (SCM) with a gender-expansive lens, this course on Google Slides is easily accessible (and fun!).

Impackt: Social Entrepreneurship Learning Platform

Collaborate, Create, Change the world. In this prototype, we designed a platform to support undergraduate minority students who want to create social positive impact in their communities. Learn more

Building Community: Instructional ideas for remote learning

How do we support a sense of global community while learners are remote? At Vital Voices, I’ve had the chance to collect some ideas for redesigning aspects of the programs. Learn more

Together and Individually: Gender-Responsive Support for Leaders

Women are underrepresented in decision-making roles and, very often, training for women leaders focus on individual skills. How can we better support women leaders as a group and individuals?